Solar Eclipse Dims The Sky Over Marquette, Michigan

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The Great Lakes Radio make-shift eclipse viewr!

The Great Lakes Radio make-shift eclipse viewr!

Marquette, MI  –  August 21, 2017  –  Within the last week people traveled from all over the world to get to very specific areas of the United States. They traveled to see just a few minutes of something truly spectacular. Today was history.

It has been 38 years since a total solar eclipse has peak over the United States of America. While we didn’t travel to a great distance to reach the path of totality, the Great Lakes Radio crew still wanted to witness these few short moments in time for ourselves. Piecing parts together, we designed a safe way to view the eclipse, avoiding that pesky blindness issue. With a tripod, a pair of binoculars, some cardboard, and a piece of paper, we were in business!

Starting around 1:00pm we watched the progression of the eclipse right there on a blank sheet of paper. While never reaching totality, the partial eclipse we saw was still rare experience! Seeing the new moon’s shadow cast over the sun was something we will never forget. During the eclipse Lauren even live streamed to our Great Lakes Radio Facebook page to talk about our make-shift eclipse viewer set up and what was currently visible.

We reached eclipse obstruction (the point when the sun was obscured the most by the moon’s shadow) near 2:15pm. The sky was noticeably darker and Nancy even pointed out that the colors seemed to be different. Despite the clouds moving in, we still got a good show so check out the photos. We also get a few professional photos of the eclipse shared by Jimmy Brännström if WIMI Photo and Les Lenchner from L A Photopix.

Do you have photos of the eclipse you would like to share? Send us what you have! See our live video on Facebook.