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Things were filling up at the DJ Jacobetti Home for Veterans.
Great Lakes Radio Sales Rep, Jerry, talking to some of the Vets.
This man was a Wolrd War 2 veteran!
Mike Plourde attended again this year.
The donations this year were better than ever.
People included items like soap, shampoo, shaving cream and razors.
Enjoying a good chat with some of the guys!
There was quite a lot to look through during Christmas is for Veterans.
GLR Sales Rep Bruce helped this gentleman around the room..
All of the Veterans were excited to see what was set out.
Bruce finding a t-shirt for one Veteran.
Make sure you donate to Christmas is for Veterans next year.
This gentleman took a liking to a brand new watch.
Someone donated a number of watches to the event.
The room was full of clothing but also fun stuff like games, cards and books.
Checking out a new hooded sweatshirt.
GLR Sales Reps Bill and Bruce with one of the Veterans.
Everyone started to take a seat for the big singing performance.
Those socks are perfect for U.P. winters!
Mike, Bill, Bruce, and Jerry at Christmas is for Veterans 2017.
The room really filled in by 1:30!
We had Veterans from all ages and backgrounds.
One of the singers chatting with a Veteran.
Christmas is for Veterans is hosted at the DJ Jacobetti Home for Veterans each year.
The Sunny Girls game to put on a show!
They lead the group in some of the best Christmas carols.
We had a great time and many people sang along!
The Sunny Girls sure brought the holiday cheer.
They seemed to be a big hit with the crowd.
Santa arrived to give out some Christmas gifts.
Santa gave each of the vets a special ornament.
And in came Frosty the Snowman!
The group sang popular carols like Jingle Bells and Silent Night.
People loved to watch the group perform.
They sang Frosty the Snowman for Frosty's entrance!
Just enjoying the festive fun!
Big thanks to the Sunny Girls for putting on such a fun show.
Santa bringing out the Naughty and Nice List.