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2018 U.P. All-Star Football Game on 103-FXD and 92.7 WRPP
The Black Team Practicing during U.P. All-Star week.
The Red Team playing outside during U.P. All Star Week.
Gathering around during practice.
The Bay Cliff Health Camp kids doing drills in the all-stars.
Welcoming players onto the field.
The teams were made up of 40-50 players.
Getting ready to play some football!
The Red Team is coming in.
Waiting for the rest of their teammates on the field.
The 2018 Red and Black Teams for the U.P. All-Star Game.
During the National Anthem.
The Red Team coaches.
Black Team moves the ball down the field.
Great tackle be the Red Team's defense.
Ready to snap.
The quarter back gets a good pass off.
The start of another play.
Red team running the ball down the field.
Two of the Black team players get past the Red teams defense and sack the QB.
The game was a tough one, Good defense on both sides.
Not much of a jump for this tall guy!
That's some good footwork.
0-0 at the end of the first quarter.
Some of the merchandise you could purchase at the game.
The game had a silent auction too.
Each ball was signed by the respective players and coaches.
Black Team takes possession of the ball.
An interception by Red Team.
Finding a whole in the defense.
Red team QB gets sacked again.
He's making a break for it!
So close to a touch down before getting pushed out of bounds.
The Red team leads at the end of the second quarter.
Just before half time at the U.P. All-Star game.
What a great pass!
The Black team QB looking for an opening.
An incomplete pass for Red Team.
Black Team making a come back.
Part of the Red Team's roster.
Both teams had such a strong defense.
The Red Team fans cheering on their players.
What a great turn out in the stands.
Going for a touch down!
No one is stopping him!
The Black team takes the lead.
Kicking for the extra point.
And returning the ball to Red Team.
Last year the Black Team won 19-14.
This was a close game, just 14-7 with strong defense on both sides.
The players congratulate each other.
Almost time to accept their trophy.
Todd Goldbeck inviting everyone to the field.
MVP for the Red team.
This player received an award as well.
Both teams played such a hard fought game.
Handing out more awards.
It's always great to recognize hard work!
Some appreciate the chance to play more than others.
This award went to last year's head coach of the Black Team.
Taking home a ball signed by the entire Red team.
This coach got a signed ball from the Black Team.
Menominee and Westwood both received $1,000.
Time to give out the big one!
The Black Team claims their trophy.
Congratulations to all of the 2018 U.P. All-Star players.
These guys will never forget the chance they got tonight.
They came back from trailing behind half of the game to leading into a win!

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