Marquette’s Lower Harbor Lights Up With Massive 4th of July Fireworks Display

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There were so many purple and blue fireworks the entire sky was purple!

There were so many purple and blue fireworks the entire sky was purple!

Marquette, MI  –  July 4, 2018  –  With the music dying down from International Food Fest, everyone gathered around the edge of the Lake to catch tonight’s spectacular fireworks display. Earlier in the day a thunderstorm advisory and rain threatened the show, but quickly passed through with no more than a few minutes of rain.

The sun slowly set as people gathered around the harbor settling in for the show. The city wasted no time getting in the fireworks sending up four or five shots at once at the start of the show. After the initial blaze of greens, reds and blues, the display built slowly. The people out on the lake set of one or two fireworks at a time sending a new batch of colors into the sky each time. People chatted between each burst, with the occasional soft “oo” and “ah” coming from the crowd. The spectators watched eagerly was more fireworks were set off at once, exploding into the sky. Some made smiley faces, hearts and other symbols before withering out in the air. This year the city really caught spectators attention by add some new single line fireworks that shot out from either side of the Ore Dock!

Building up to the finale again.

Building up to the finale again.

With a rapid increase in fireworks, the explosions got larger and the booms got louder. The viewers were almost hypnotized by the colors as the show reached it’s climax. Designed to explode in all shapes and sizes, a multi-shot finale tore into the air letting off one final massive display. The finale was followed by cheering and clapping before hundreds of people dispersed in their own directions to celebrate the rest of the holiday.

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