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Fireworks over the Marquette Ore Dock in Mattson Lower Harbor.
The fireworks really lit up the harbor.
They set of fireworks of all different colors.
Some of the three level fireworks they set off during the show.
Everything was so still while we talked firework after firework.
The breeze off the lake made for a very comfortable evening on the water.
Everything was so still while we talked firework after firework.
Some of the fireworks were so big people in the crowd said they cold feel the explosion.
You can see Saturn shining brightly off to the right of the photo.
The crowd really loved the powerful explosions.
Slowing it down a little with one or two fireworks at a time
This was a neat firework with a very slow fade.
If you missed this year's fireworks, make sure to come out next year!
You'll want to get to the harbor early for a good seat.
The colorful display just kept going!
The colors reflected in the lake nicely.
You can also catch fireworks next Saturday over Teal Lake new Negaunee.
Make sure to check out photos from today's parade at the link above!
Another impressive multi-shot display.
Another slow fading set of fireworks.
People loved the red, white & blue Fireworks.
This firework was about as massive as it seems in the photo.
Sending up four or five at once now!
The City let things really build up over time.
Some of the fireworks were half one color and half another.
Fireworks over the Marquette Ore Dock in Mattson Lower Harbor.
This one kind of looks like a palm tree.
Just one beautiful explosion after another.
Slowing things down somewhere around the middle of the display.
The kids were sure this one was part of the finale.
But the fireworks just kept going!
This year's display was definitely bigger and better than last year.
There were so many purple and blue fireworks the entire sky was purple!
Don't forget to look at the parade photos at the link above.
People enjoyed the display from the shore and on boats.
There was even a water plan in the harbor before the show started!
Building up to the finale again.
They really set off some colorful stuff.
More of the multi-level fireworks.
That top firework is absolutely beautiful.
Don't miss your chance to see more fireworks. Get to Negaunee for the Pioneer Days Fireworks over Teal Lake next Saturday.
This one was so bright it turned the whole harbor green!
Just a few single fireworks to lengthen the display.
People were impressed by how long the show was lasting.
Some new fireworks that the city added. They shot out from either side of the Ore Dock!
They slowed things way down sending up one firework at a time.
This one and multiple different color explosions in one firework.
The sound of the fireworks rippled across the water.
Loud pops echoed over the lake.
There was still music coming from Food Fest to help things along.
Just a few more before the finale.
The colors were so vibrant in the sky.
It got very dark quickly on the water.
More red, white and blue fireworks!
Going into the Finale!
They sent up so many fireworks at once!
It was just an endless rain of colors.
The last set of fireworks before it was all over.

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