Spectacular Sunrise Displayed During A. M. Drive to Work

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Negaunee10/25/2011– Ever since my wife and I moved to the Upper Peninsula in December of 2000, one of my favorite locations for picturesque scenery has been Teal Lake in Negaunee. Several times we have driven by the lake on a full moon night and have witnessed a perfect mirrored reflection on a perfectly calm lake surface.

Negaunee Michigan Upper Peninsula

Sunrise Colors Above Teal Lake

One never knows when a beautiful scene will present itself so I have made it a habit to bring my camera with me everywhere I go. This morning, it was the sky not the water that that held a beautiful, flaming red sunrise appearance among the clouds. I couldn’t pass up this beautiful view such as this. Our country possesses many locations containing nature’s beauty and the colors displayed this morning reminded me of the marvelous splendor of our Creator, the Lord God of heaven and earth!!!

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