Invisible Fence of the U.P. – Keep Your Pet Safe and Happy

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Kyle Miller of Invisible Fence of the U.P.and Alex Loftus of Great Lakes Radio at the Builders Show

The Upper Peninsula is a great place to raise a family and everyone knows that our pets are part of our family.

Keeping our pets safe while they’re outside can be a challenge no matter what size your yard is. If you have a dog, you know that your dog is happier when he’s outside running around and playing in the yard. A tired dog is always  a better dog in the house.

That’s where Kyle Miller with Invisible Fence of the U.P. shines. He wants to help us keep our dogs safe and healthy and out of the road! Kyle said a lot of people have reservations about the Invisible Fence because it is invisible.

A lot of people think, “That’s not going to keep MY dog in.” They think their dog is just going to run right through it. They don’t realize that Invisible Fence has been around for 45 years. A professionally installed system coupled with professional training of your dog (that comes with the Invisible Fence) leads to very few problems with the system.

Invisible Fence isn’t just for dogs, either. They also offer solutions for indoor situations and it’s included in every system. You can keep your pets off the couch, out of certain rooms, off the counter and out of the garbage (or the kitty litter box).

Don’t spend any more time worrying about your pets’ safety or how to keep Fido out of the kitty litter. Give Kyle a call and schedule a free consultation. You’ll get a free in-home consultation to assess your situation and address your unique needs. Do yourself a favor – keep your pet safe and happy.


Listen to Kyle Miller talk about Invisible Fence of the U.P.

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