Jilbert Dairy: Thank You, from Great Lakes Radio

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Look for this poster to register and remember: Write legibly!

Great Lakes Radio wants to thank Jilbert Dairy for their sponsorship of our Win the Beef Giveaway and their community support.

Jilbert has made it possible for YOU to win the beef or a YEAR’s worth of Jilbert Dairy milk! But don’t wait to register because the contest is winding down.

As you’ve probably heard, we’re giving away a FULL 1/4 Steer to 4 lucky winners! So clear out your fridge and be ready for all the premium steak and hamburgers you can eat, all cut to your liking!

This is the last week for you to register, so be listening on 103 FXD and Sunny.FM for your chance to be an instant finalist.

Great Lakes Radio Giveaway

Jilly the Cow from Jilbert Dairy was in Negaunee next to the Sunny.FM Mobile Unit!

When you hear the cows from Gwinn–call in! Answer our trivia question and you can expect 3 important items in the mail: your FREE pass to the Marquette County Fair on August 10th, a raffle ticket for a year’s supply of milk from Jilbert Dairy, and your invitation to win the beef at the 4-H Livestock Sale!

You can also register for random drawing at Jilbert Dairy Farm Store and SIR Federal Credit Union’s 3 locations in Marquette, Negaunee, and Gwinn.

Great Lakes Radio Giveaway

Win a year’s supply of milk from Jilbert!

It’s going to be a great way to support the 4-H kids while having a great time with the whole family at the  Marquette County Fair.

Make sure you consider buying a pig, chicken, or any of the other animals being sold at the livestock sale. The 4-H kids have worked hard to feed and care for these animals, and the meat will be premium.

Many 4-H kids count on the sale to contribute to their college fund, so you will be supporting kids in your community in a critical way.

Thank you again to Jilbert Dairy for their generous support of this great giveaway, the 4-H kids and the community at large.

Great Lakes Radio Jilbert Dairy Giveaway

The best dairy products the U.P. has to offer

And remember to

register THIS WEEK to Win the Beef!

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