Auto Value of West Ishpeming Offers Quality Machine Shop Services

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Auto Value West Ishpeming Michigan Car Parts Machine Shop

Auto Value of West Ishpeming – Friendly help from local people you can trust.

West Ishpeming, Michigan  –  May 23, 2014  –  Don’t waste your time or money shipping or hauling your automotive parts out of the area to have them machined. Bring them to Auto Value of West Ishpeming, your LOCAL machine shop and auto parts store.

Why ship your parts off or make a three-hour drive to find machine shop services? Come to West Ishpeming and talk to the friendly folks at Auto Value. You’ll be able to meet face-to-face with a machine shop technician who can answer your questions and give you the right advice for your project.

Auto Value of West Ishpeming Michigan Auto Parts Machine Shop Counter Service

Auto Value of West Ishpeming – Stop by today and see what they can do for you.

In addition to selling quality auto parts at affordable prices, Auto Value of West Ishpeming offers machine shop services including:

  • Turning drums and rotors;
  • Grinding flywheels;
  • Making hydraulic hoses;
  • Pressing wheel bearings;
  • Resurfacing heads;
  • Basic valve jobs;
  • Parts cleaning with a Cuda parts cleaner, and more.

If your job is too big for the team at Auto Value of West Ishpeming to handle, they’ll bring your part to a shop that can take care of it at no extra charge to you.

When you need to have parts washed, you could spend the time individually washing each part by hand, exposing yourself to harmful chemicals and solvents, or you could bring them into the machine shop and have them professionally cleaned. Auto Value of West Ishpeming uses Cuda Parts Washers.  Cuda Aqueous Parts Washers clean faster and better without the use of harmful solvents.

If you have a larger need and are interested in purchasing a Cuda Parts Washer, Auto Value of West Ishpeming is a distributor and can help you with the sale as well as provide service after the sale. Stop by today and ask about Cuda Parts Washers.

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