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Marquette, MINovember 4, 2014 – It’s important to make sure you’re getting the best deal when it comes to upgrading your home. Buying replacement windows for your home is no small investment. Budget Windows gives you a free estimate and answers any questions you have, easing the process of replacing your windows.

Not sure if you need replacement windows? Take a look at your windows and ask yourself these questions:

Do you hate cleaning your windows?

Do you avoid cleaning your windows because it’s difficult? If cleaning your windows is a back-breaking endeavor, it may be time to think about replacing them. New replacement window models are designed to be easy to clean.

Do you avoid opening your windows?

Do you avoid opening your windows just to avoid the hassle of trying to close them again? Do they stick when you try to move them? New windows are designed to be opened and closed easily with minimal effort.

Are your windows falling apart?

If your windows are in a serious state of disrepair, it’s time to start thinking about replacement. Rot, fogging glass in double pane windows, worn out and bent hinges are all signs that your windows may need to be replaced.

Are your storm windows in good shape?

Are the storm windows easy to install and remove, or do you dread the chore every year? Are your storm windows in good shape or do they need to be replaced?

Is your paint peeling?

Wooden, painted windows require constant scraping and repainting to keep them from rotting. New vinyl models can help you avoid the hassle of constantly stripping and repainting your windows.

Is your house drafty?

Do you have to use runners under the window sills to keep drafts out during the winter? Single pane windows tend to let in too much sun in the summer and more drafts during the winter. The double pane glass in newer double pane windows can help reduce drafts in the winter and excessive heat in the summer. New replacement windows can help reduce your energy bills by 7-15%.

Your home is a huge investment. You can increase its value and keep your family comfortable with new replacement windows. If you think it’s time to replace your windows, get a free estimate from Budget Windows! They’re also available to answer any questions you have. Just give us a call at 906.235.6517.

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