Enjoy A Lake Supeior Whitefish Lunch at Union Grill South Marquette!

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Union Grill Marquette Grilled Lake Superior Whitefish Sandwich

Union Grill Marquette Grilled Lake Superior Whitefish Sandwich

Marquette, MI – July 24, 2014 – Time for Lunch!  Enjoy Union Grill, South Marquette!  I did, and it was the best.

I noticed the smoker is always hot, preparing our favorites: pulled pork, Lake Superior Whitefish (my favorite), chicken, burgers, briskets, and more!

Every time I go, I am reminded the food is fresh, made with only the best ingredients, and the service is fast too.

If you’re on a tight schedule like I am sometimes, I don’t settle for fast food, Union Grill has us covered!  Call ahead – 906-225-5564 – and bring lunch back to the office to share (or not!).

I feeling like stopping in today for lunch or dinner.

When you go in there, you’ll notice Union Grill has a large selection of beers, several from Michigan breweries, or wine by the bottle or by the glass with your meal.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get to indulge because it was back to work right after lunch for me.

Union Grill Marquette Wines

There is a large selection of fine wines available anytime in South Marquette at Union Grill

I’d say Top it all off with a delicious homemade dessert like pecan pie or cheesecake – but don’t eat all the cheesecake.  Save some for me!

Come enjoy Union Grill, South Marquette today – and get a taste of some great authentic barbeque.  Order it up now at 906-225-5564

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