Union Grill Serves Up the Best Side Dishes

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Tortilla Chips and Pico from Union Grill in Marquette MI

Look at this fresh tomato pico and crisp chips…ummm


Marquette, MI  –  August 20, 2014  –  When I take a bite of a side dish I’m expecting

Coleslaw at the Union Grill in Marquette

Union Grill serves up two kinds of coleslaw – creamy or vinegar based

the best, not some baked beans that were left in a warehouse too long. At the Union Grill, each homemade side makes my mouth water – it tastes just like my Grandma’s!

For me, the hardest choice to make at Union Grill is choosing a side. When looking at any menu, I’m indecisive. At least I have a reason to be with so many delicious choices at Union Grill!

The sides are delicious at Union Grill in Marquette

I love the side dishes at Union Grill!

Should I order the tortilla chips with pico? But the barbeque calico beans are one of my favorites too! I could stare at the long list of sides all day, at least until my friend nudges me impatiently – she’s getting hungry!

Everyone knows the Union Grill’s main dishes are amazing but the sides never fail to wow me with their fresh from the oven flavor!

For a side dish you’ll never forget, stop by Union Grill at 1651 S Front St Marquette…  Or call your order in now at 906-225-5564

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