Snowshoeing – Playing With The Grand Daughter – Whistling While You Work – Live it up again!

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Palmer  –  October 25, 2013  – Jody is now enjoying life again.

Jody and her grand daughter and her dog enjoying the shoreline

Jody and her grand daughter and her dog enjoying the shoreline

There is no need for three hour naps.  It’s back to a healthy life as she knew it for so many years.  Before something bad and sad set in…severe back pain.  It seemed to just creep up on her.

Jody lives in Palmer, Michigan.   She is one of us that loves the U.P.  But Jody was having back problems, real back problems where she could no longer be active, no longer go to work, or do much other than take 3 hour naps.

But Jody had said no way to the knife.  She wasn’t interested in surgery because there really was no accident to point to the trouble she was having. I mean when it comes to the knife who really is interested, especially on your precious back and spine.

So just a few months ago, Jody basically was almost home bound and wasn’t able to do much of anything.

She had low energy too.

But the odd part was Jody’s back pain did not come from any particular accident.

Jody went to Family Wellness in South Marquette recently and Dr. Guy did the standard scientific welcoming appointment that creates a baseline before care begins.  Family Wellness did a set of X-Rays, a NASA Nerve Scan, and had a report of findings where Dr. Guy had a discussion of what her expectations were for normal life, what she wanted back in her life, and what he could do  before they began treatment.

Jody enjoying some sun rays on the dock

Jody enjoying some sun rays on the dock

Jody said, “Dr, Guy, I have mostly lower back problems to the point of taking 3 hour naps everyday. I can’t be active, and I want my life back”

Jody responded very quickly to the pain relief.  Very soon into care the back pain disappeared quite quickly.

Then after a few months of treatment, Jody responded very nicely as Dr. Guy rebuilt her spine into a normal shape through careful scientific adjustments and monitoring each time she came in along the path of care.

Today, Jody no longer takes 3 hour naps. She watches her grand daughter, has a part time job and goes snow shoeing.

In just 3 to 4 months, Jody has noticed a lot of positive life differences. She has a very active lifestyle now and is so grateful to Dr. Guy at Family Wellness.

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Jody outdoors enjoying the winter wonderland

Jody outdoors enjoying the winter wonderland

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