Overcoming Pain and Depression – Embracing Life With Health and Vitality

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Living it up with health, vitality and vigor for life!

Marquette – November 1 – Jeremy has finally learned what life without pain and depression has to offer. He was disabled by his condition and had become housebound. He spent most of his life in sickness and a general lack of health unaware of the significance of a properly running nervous system. Then a friend introduced him to chiropractic care and changed the course of this young man’s life.

Jeremy grew up unhealthy. He was always sick. He suffered through chronic colds and ear infections like so many of our unhealthy youth. His nervous system and therefore his immune system and body were not functioning properly.

He described his childhood as painful. He had no energy, persistent bouts of the flu and chronic colds that led to ear infections that in his words were, “painful like you could not even imagine.” As far back as he could remember into his childhood, he also had headaches and horrible migraines that affected every part of his life.

Jeremy’s chronic illnesses prevented him from ever having a normal childhood. He was not able to do the things that all kids enjoy like riding his bike, fishing, hiking, climbing trees, going outside to play with other kids and just enjoying his life.


Jeremy enjoying the great outdoors.

At 13 years of age, the ear infections and migraines finally went away, but were replaced by depression, lack of focus, concentration problems and memory issues. His depression was so dark, so bad that his medical doctors put him on antidepressants and he was eventually labeled as disabled, causing him to be put on Medicare.

Understandably, these new symptoms combined with anxiety led to major problems with his self-esteem. His grades and social interactions suffered greatly. He was also plagued with constant colds and bouts of the flu year-round, especially in the winter months.

At 20 years of age, on top of everything else he was dealing with, Jeremy also started getting a dull pain in his neck.

Jeremy lived like this until he was 25 years old.

For 25 years, Jeremy did not know what life could be due to major nerve interference. He simply did not know that we, as human beings, are designed to live in awesome health and vitality.

This is when Leila took the time to watch our video with him. In doing so, she changed the course of Jeremy’s life by explaining and introducing him to Corrective Chiropractic Care. Thank you, Leila. Since starting Corrective Chiropractic Care, Jeremy’s nervous system, and therefore his health, has radically changed.


Jeremy and his new bride on their wedding day

Within four months, the black depression which had plagued Jeremy for over half his life completely lifted. He began to feel and enjoy life. Jeremy’s medical doctor eventually took him off his medication and he has remained depression-free fore four years now. With regular chiropractic care, his anxiety problems disappeared, and the medications used to treat them are no longer needed. For the first time in Jeremy’s life, he felt great amounts of energy and health. His immune system kicked in and he stopped getting sick all the time (this really is important because now that his nervous system and immune system are working together, Jeremy’s body is fighting cancer much more effectively).

In addition to his health improving, Jeremy’s focus, concentration and memory have all greatly increased. With his new health, vitality and lack of depression, his whole life has changed. He gets out and embraces life. He goes hiking in the woods, riding his bike and he is active. As soon as the depression cleared and health returned, he was able to get out of the house and become an active member of the community. He is now in a criminal justice program at a local college. He met and married the love of his life, and he continues to live life on a day-to-day basis in a state of health and energy.

Jeremy has now been healthy for four years. He continues on a perfect schedule of chiropractic care to keep his health and nervous system strong. The decay process has of course completely stopped and even reversed in his spine. He stays well-hydrated so the chiropractic care can work effectively and he regularly does his neck stretching exercises. His neck curve has been greatly improved and Jeremy’s is now experiencing positive moods and great health because his master control system, his nervous system, is running beautifully. Thank you again, Leila, for showing Jeremy the possibilities.

Jeremy’s life started to turn around after just four months of Corrective Chiropractic care with Dr. Guy Lasich at Family Wellness. Now Jeremy is living his life fully, the way he was meant to live it. Dr. Guy has helped thousands of members of our local community and offers a free consultation and health review.


After Corrective Chiropractic Care


Before Corrective Chiropractic Care















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