The New Remote Starter From Frei Works Very Well At The Mexican Restaurant

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auto start remote car starters from Frei Chevy

auto start remote car starters from Frei Chevy

Marquette  –  January 16, 2014  –  Amy Racine here. My friend wanted a remote starter.  We had some on but were all out so I told her to go to Frei Chevy.

She went over there and mentioned she wanted one that would let her know that it started.  Frei said  “here’s the perfect one”.

So she and I went to lunch and we were in that new Mexican restaurant downtown Marquette by Lattitudes.

After lunch she pressed her button on her key fob and it beeped back at her and even though the car was across the road we knew it would be warm once we got there.

After it beeped, the car was started and I felt a bit jealous because I don’t have one of those.

So our time together was good but I left feeling a little angry that I didn’t have one.  You just press a button and the car is started, and it beeps back at you that the car is going letting you know your car has started and is warming.

So we paid for our meal, walked across the street, and her car was all nice and toasty. Wow, I need to get my car over to Frei Chevy

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