Supplier Pricing Saves You $11,500 on a Silverado at Frei Chevrolet – This Month Only!

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All of these trucks are sold and ready to be loaded up!

All of these trucks are sold and ready to be delivered!

Marquette, MI  –  April 20, 218  –  We had another busy day at Frei Chevrolet; where it’s always sunny and the deals are always great! If you’re driving by the dealership, check out the line of trucks out front. All of those trucks are sold and ready go head off to their new homes! Frei Chevrolet has one in very color to make sure you go home with exactly what you want. They just sold a black truck, a burgundy truck, a blue one, you name it, they’ve got it or they’ll try find it for you and even deliver it to your home!

We’ve seen happy customers in and out of the store all afternoon who heard about the deals on the radio. Frei Chevrolet owner, Jim Grundstrom joined Major Discount on air today to chat about the new savings you can find at Frei! If you’re thinking about getting a new pickup truck, there isn’t a better time to buy than right now at Frei Chevrolet! Get $11,500 off a Silverado with Supplier Pricing from GM and Frei Chevy. Right now, you can get the deal people suppliers get from GM and save big on brand new truck to take to camp this summer.

Call 226-2577 to talk about Supplier Pricing.

Call 226-2577 to talk about Supplier Pricing.

If you’re looking for the same power, but in something a bit smaller, Frei has 20 Colorados on the lot and they’re the perfect fit for your garage. This mid-sized truck can haul up to 8,000 pounds with the right modifications! Getting a Colorado can save you some money compared to the Silverado and the mileage is killer.

While trucks can do all of the hauling and off-roading, if you’re planning a road trip with the whole family you want something like the 2018 Equinox. With 10 air bags and a 5 Star Crash Rating, this SUV will fit mom, dad, and the kids, plus all of the luggage in the back! With 4 wheel drive you’ll be ready for slick wet roads during the spring on the way to the Dells or the icy, snowy roads on the way up to Houghton for Winter Carnival. Frei even has eight pre-owned Equinox SUVs that you can ask about when you stop by.

But, maybe you’re happy with the vehicle you have! With all of the salt and dirt on the roads and the pumping of your brakes on those icy roads, if you’re hearing the screeching every time you slow down, you might want to take advantage of the GM’s special deal on brakes! Get your pads replaced for just $99 an axel and $190 for rotors. Through the end of the month you can get this deal and your repairs are warranted for 12 months or 12,000 miles! The team also has deals on tires, so come by the store and see what the service center can do for you.

With only 10 days left on that Supplier Pricing deal and the low financing options at Frei Chevrolet, make sure you swing by the dealership and talk to a Frei representative or give them a call on the hotline at (906) 226-2577.

-Make Every Day A Frei Day-

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