0% Financing This Month at Frei Chevrolet in Marquette

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Major Discount and Frei Chevrolet owner Jim Grundstrom.

Major Discount and Frei Chevrolet owner Jim Grundstrom.

Marquette, MI  –  May 4, 2018  –  It was a busy evening at Frei Chevrolet for yet another Frei Friday. May is here and so are the new deals! We joined the Frei Chevy crew for another afternoon at the dealership to tell listeners about what is new at Frei Chevrolet.

Major Discount and Sunny.FM’s Kris Kyro started things off by inviting you to drop by the dealership and get in on the big savings. Jim Grundstrom joined the Major on air to talk about of the Chevrolet’s latest and greatest – the 2018 Malibu. This baby has Start Stop Technology to make your trips the most fuel efficient as possible. The technology actually stops the vehicle’s motor when you’re at a stoplight or stop sign and starts it up again as soon as you think to put your foot on the pedal. Everything stays on in the car so you can keep charging your phone and jamming out.

Jim Grundstrom also told listeners about the 0% financing deals going on right now at Frei Chevy. Chevrolet is giving you “free money” to use toward a new vehicle! Leave your money in your checking account to buy out right and make the payments. With no interest for up to 6 years, Frei is giving you a way to pay your way to a new vehicle with the best deals.

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