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Frei Chevy is in the holiday mood!

Frei Chevy is in the holiday mood!

Marquette, MINovember 9, 2018 – Snow was in the air at Frei Chevrolet this past Frei Friday, and although it looked nice and picturesque, it was a timely reminder to everybody that winter is coming and getting your vehicle prepared is a must.  Since Major Discount was already at Frei Chevrolet looking at all the great prices, he decided to go live on the air and tell everyone about the many ways to gear up for winter at Frei Chevy.

The Major was joined on the air by Frei Chevrolet owner Jim Grundstrom, who talked about all the different ways to get prepared for winter.  He said that Frei Chevy’s service department is the best around at making sure your vehicle can withstand the toughest season of the year, and that they’ll gladly do whatever it takes to keep you on the road through all the snow and ice.  Jim also said that with Black Friday deals extending through the entire month of November, you could always just get yourself a new vehicle that’s better prepared to take on the winter at a great price.

Jim live on the air with Major Discount.

Jim live on the air with Major Discount.

If you’re not convinced that Frei Chevrolet is the best option for winterizing your vehicle, just call the Frei Hotline at 226-2577 and they will answer any questions you may have.  Of course, the best way to clear things up is to head down to the showroom and talk to one of the certified sales professionals.  They are incredibly knowledgeable and courteous, and they’ll help get you into a vehicle you like at a price you’ll love.

Remember you can also register to win our Rev Your ♥ with a New Golf Cart Giveaway by filling out a slip and putting your name in the bucket at Frei Chevy!

Listen to audio from the live broadcast below:

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