Snowy Frei Friday at Frei Chevrolet

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Register to win this Cub Cadet lawnmower and hauler at Frei Chevy

Register to win this Cub Cadet lawnmower and hauler at Frei Chevy

Marquette, MIApril 12, 2019 – Even though the weather was less than ideal on Thursday night, by Friday morning, all the shiny new vehicles had been cleaned off and were ready for display at Frei Chevrolet.  Despite the slushy road conditions, the dealership was busy with customers checking out all the amazing deals.  Included among them was Major Discount, who took to the airwaves to bring the savings to the public.

The Major was joined on the air by Jim Grundstrom, the owner of Frei Chevrolet, and Jim’s son Andy, the sales director.  They were both happy to talk about all the fantastic deals that are available during the month of April, both on new and pre-owned vehicles.  With up to 15% off on Tahoe, Suburban and Silverado, the best time to buy or lease from Frei Chevrolet is now!

If you have any questions about the process of buying or leasing from Frei Chevrolet, call the Frei Hotline at 226-2577 and you’ll get the answers you need.  Of course, the best option is to take a ride down to the showroom yourself and talk to one of the many certified sales professionals.  They are great at helping people find the perfect vehicle for the perfect price.

Listen to audio from the broadcast below:

Major Discount says hello from Frei Chevrolet

Jim Grundstrom joins the Major

Major Discount speaks with Andy Grundstrom

Jim talks about the merits of the new Equionox

The Major asks Jim about the 2019 Silverado

Trade your vehicle in at Frei Chevrolet

Major Discount and Jim discuss the benefits of trading up to a new Chevy

Jim goes over all the features on the new Silverado

2019 Equinoxes are available at amazing discounts

Jim talks about the Chevy Spark, the smallest car Frei Chevy has

Cruze and Malibu are both available at great prices

Major Discount signs off from Frei Chevrolet

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