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Coach Deon Brown with young Gwinn athletes at the Middle School Football Camp

Coach Deon Brown with young Gwinn athletes at the Middle School Football Camp

Gwinn, MI – It’s the dawn of a new day and a new year for Gwinn Athletics! Coach Deon Brown already hosted a middle school football camp for a host of young men of all ages! It was a week of learning and enthusiasm for Gwinn Athletics!

Volleyball camps are going on and the excitement about getting another conference championship for Gwinn is now the expectation! Athletes are hard at work lifting weights and conditioning getting ready for the upcoming seasons. A basketball camp was held at Ferris State University with lots of participation from Gwinn athletes.

There is something in the air around Gwinn! You can’t see it or put your hands on it, but it’s there. It is a sense of excitement in the air and you can feel it all over Gwinn!

The Gwinn Modeltowner girls JV volleyball team vs the Ishpeming Hematites.

Volleyball Camp is in full swing!

Gilbert Elementary is opening this fall and registration is now open. The community is asked to come out and help “spruce it up”. We will be there cooking hot dogs, painting, raking, and spreading wood chips in the playground. Come on out and lend a hand!

The new superintendent is already known by a lot of people in Gwinn! He is new to the job, but Tom Jane returns to the place where he started his career. WELCOME BACK! Won’t you join us this summer in Gwinn? IT’S GOOD AT GWINN!

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