ModelTowner Girls’ Basketball (37) VS Ishpeming Hematites (59) on 103-FXD and

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The Girls Gwinn ModelTowners lost to the Ishpeming Hematites 59-37 on 103-FXD and

The Girls Gwinn ModelTowners lost to the Ishpeming Hematites 59-37 on 103-FXD and

12/03/2014 Ishpeming, Michigan-  It was the first Girls’ Basketball game of the season for our Gwinn ModelTowners as they took on the Ishpeming Hematites on the Ishpeming court. The game right away started off fast paced as our ModelTowners took the lead. The first quarter ended with the Hematites in the lead with a score of 15-12. It was a nail-biter that first quarter. You heard it all on 103-FXD and streamed live at

First Quarter Score:
ModelTowners: 12
Hematites: 15

The second quarter was also a tight one as both of the teams kept right on up with one another. The Ishpeming Hematites did wind up taking the lead with a score of 28-24. Mike Plourde and Bob Nadeau brought you all of the action on 103-FXD and on your smartphone at

Second Quarter Score:
ModelTowners: 24
Hematites: 28

The Hematites took the lead quite far in the third quarter. Our ModelTowners had some good moves but just were not able to keep up with Ishpeming. The score for the third quarter, with Ishpeming in the lead, was 43-33. Mike and Bob brought you all  of the action on 103-FXD and!

Third Quarter Score:
ModelTowners: 33
Hematites: 43

The fourth quarter was dominated by the Hematites. Our Gwinn ModelTowners were able to score some. The Final Score for the game was 59-37 with Ishpeming taking the win. Mike Plourde and Bob Nadeau brought you all of this games action on 103-FXD and streamed LIVE at

Final Score:
ModelTowners: 33
Hematites: 59

Here are the stats for our Gwinn ModelTowners:
Shooting %- 12 field goals, 35 attempts, 34.3% attempts, 26 turnovers.

  • Ellie Olson- 4 free throws for 4 points
  • Jordan Hutchens- 1 free throw for 1 point
  • Nichole Usher- 1 field goal and 1 free throw for 3 points
  • Tia Evans- 1 field goal and 1 3-pointer for 5 points
  • Sierra Taylor- 5 field goals and 2 free throws for 12 points *Leading player for Gwinn this game
  • Tori Lauren- 4 field goals and 3 free throws for 11 points


  • Ellie Olson- 5 rebounds
  • Jordan Hutchens- 2 rebounds
  • Nichole Usher- 1 rebound
  • Sierra Taylor- 15 rebounds
  • Tori Lauren- 4 rebounds

There was also 1 team rebound with a total of 28 rebounds for this game.


LISTEN – FULL GAME – The Ishpeming Hematites defeat the Gwinn ModelTowners 46-20 on 103-FXD and Thursday October 23rd, 2014.mp3


A new tradition – Gwinn ModelTowners on the Radio on 103-FXD – – It’s good at Gwinn!

***All future Gwinn games will be broadcasted on Fox Sports Marquette 105.1 and they will continue to be streamed LIVE on!***

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