400 New people Attend – Finalist and Their Families – All Enjoying The Livestock Sale and Win The Beef

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MarquetteAugust 10, 2013 – ” The “Win The Beef” promotion by SIRFCU, Jilbert Dairy, and Great Lakes Radio stations Sunny.FM & 103-FXD brought some 400 people to the Marquette County Fair.   The room was filled with positive energy and prices were strong which meant 4-H kids received a good price per pound for their livestock and that means more “Cash for College

1,200 people registered over the past 4 weeks to “Win the Beef”.  These people registered at the three SIR office, at the Jilbert Farm store, and on-air on Sunny.FM at 101.fm and 103-FXD.

300 were randomly selected as finalists and were sent a letter to come to the Livestock sale at noon Saturday, and 140 responded.  That’s nearly a 50% return on the direct mail campaign.

Each of the 140 brought 1 to 3 people which added up to 400 new people in the Auction barn which resulted as standing room only for this years Livestock Sale.

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