Honor Helped Us Get Our First Home

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Honor Helped Us Buy Our First Home!

Honor Helped Us Buy Our First Home!

Negaunee, MI  –  October 12, 2016  –  When we got married, we dreamed of our first home. We loved our cozy, little apartment, but it seemed like we were throwing money away on something that really wasn’t ours. So, we turned to Honor Credit Union to help us navigate through the home-buying process.

Honor Helps. They helped us get our ducks in a row and made sure we knew what we were getting into. Buying your first home really is a learning process! We talked about our desire to stay in the area, and how our jobs were stable, and that we didn’t plan on relocating. The U.P. is our home.

naomi noordykHonor Helps. We saw Adam Carpenter at Honor Credit Union’s Negaunee branch. Before we even talked about the application, he helped us calculate what our total monthly housing cost would be, including taxes and homeowners insurance. We filled out all the paperwork and had an answer in a few days. Adam called to let us know we were preapproved!

Listen as Naomi talks about how Honor helped her. (raw)

Listen as Naomi talks about how Honor helped her. (produced)

Honor Helps. Adam explained that being preapproved would help us bargain from a position of strength. And just like that, it was time to start searching for our dream home! We’d had our eye on a really nice little starter home that was close to work for both of us. Thanks to Honor Credit Union and Adam Carpenter, we are now proud homeowners!

Honor Credit Union Adam Carpenter Loan Originator - 003

Adam Carpenter, Real Estate Loan Originator at Honor Credit Union in Negaunee.

Honor Helps. At Honor Credit Union, their staff is friendly and knowledgeable. They want you to understand the lending process every step of the way (You can walk through the First-Time Home Buying process here). Adam even advised us what our closing costs would likely be so there weren’t any surprises!

Even though we didn’t know near as much as we thought we did about buying a home, Honor Credit Union helped us understand the entire thing and even showed us how to be responsible homeowners, and how to use our credit wisely. All of our accounts are at Honor now, and next time we need a loan, we won’t hesitate to go back to Honor Credit Union.

Thanks, Honor Credit Union for helping us finance our dream home!