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MarquetteOctober 24, 2013 – Dana Adamini will discuss this issue Saturday morning at 9am on Sunny.f, at 101.9fm Marquette

President Obama may be forced to sign on to a delay in the ACA individual mandate.  Democrats are now saying they believe Obamacare’s individual mandate should be delayed. I am pleased that the delay may pass both the house and senate and land on the president’s desk even if the delay is only temporary.While I welcome these democrats out of the darkness of Obamacare, I am surprised at the timing of the statements.

Say Arrrrrgh to ObamaCare

Say Arrrrrgh to ObamaCare

It’s no coincidence that those democrat senators up for re-election have seen the light… They always tell us what we want to hear in election years.  I don’t care why they’ve seen the light, but I wonder where these people were last week, when unified democrats refused to reopen the government if a delay in the mandate was attached?  Those of you in your right mind will remember the republican offer to pass a continuing resolution if it contained a delay in the individual mandate comparable to the delay for big businesses (and those who donated to democrat campaigns) I added that last part – relax.
So the president who spent weeks saying “NO” to any delay may be forced to sign the bill if it passes the senate with the help of democrat senators… because if he fights too hard, they may pass a bill forcing him to be part of the health care debacle that bears his name… and he does NOT want that.
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