Will A Road Through Much Harsher Terrain Be Approved In Marquette For Lundin Mining

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Lundin Eagle Mine Marquette Michigan

Lundin Eagle Mine Marquette Michigan

Marquette Township  –  October 30, 2013  –  Progress was announced, last night at a community meeting addressing the proposed truck ordinance in the city of Marquette.Announced is the key word here, because although the announcement was made, those of us in our RIGHT MIND know that the actual progress is far away.

City commissioner Mike Coyne announced that an agreement to use Marquette Board of Light and Power property to move trucks from county road 550 to Wright street (thus avoiding the three blocks the city deems unsuitable for truck traffic).
All communities agreed to be part of a regional study on truck traffic (funded in large part by Lundin Mining – thank you very much) to solve long-range development issues.  That is a good thing. 
The big question here is the same one I asked at the meeting last night:  “If county road 595 was blocked, and it was the safest, environmentally friendliest route… What makes us think a road through much more sensitive and much harsher terrain will be approved?”
This supposed progress may make leaders feel better, but it will not happen any time soon.  What actually was progress is the announcement that (for all intents and purposes) the proposed city ordinance is dead and the eventual ordinance will not be such an obvious shakedown of Lundin Mining.
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