The People Losing Their Care Probably Don’t Believe The Insurance They Could Afford Was Substandard

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ObamaCare Is Costly and People In Marquette Have lost Their Insurance Allready

Obama Care Is Costly and People In Marquette Have lost Their Insurance All ready

Marquette  –  November 4, 2013  –  Daily Rant 11/4/2013 –   Talking heads this weekend repeated many of the crazy statements made by the president in defense of the indefensible – Yes Obamacare – Again!

Claims that many people will have better health care at lower costs have nothing to back them up, but that doesn’t stop minions from repeating them.

At a “defend Obamacare” event, the president said that the vast majority of people are happy with Romney Care even though it is the most expensive insurance in the country.

He believes the Massachusetts plan is fine because 85% of the people like it… but more people than that were happy with the U.S. system before Obamacare began to destroy it-interesting

I’m more interested in the defense of the President’s lie about keeping your own insurance and doctor if you like.

The line now is “we knew all along 7-10 million people would lose their insurance, but only those on ‘sub-standard’ plans”.

The people losing their care probably don’t believe the insurance they could afford was substandard…Sadly the same thing can’t be said about the president himself.

When history books recall this era “substandard” is likely to be the nicest thing they’ll have to say about this man.

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Say Arrrrrgh to ObamaCare

Say Arrrrrgh to ObamaCare

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