The 2013 Wolf Hunt is Nov 15 through Dec 31 To “Keep Michigan Pets & Kids Protected”

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Wolf Hunt Soon Begins In Michigan

Wolf Hunt Soon Begins In Michigan

Marquette  –  November 5, 2013  –  Are you ready to hunt wolves?  Much to the dismay of those who would prefer to ‘keep Michigan wolves protected’ the hunt is fast approaching.

For those whose dogs have been killed by wolves, this is welcome news.

Many shows and 4 parody songs reveal my opinion on this hunt…  When the wolf population is so excessive that people don’t feel safe walking in town, and when pets are mutilated by wolves… I say it’s time to see if wolf tastes anything like chicken.

The protectionists have said that the wolf attacks are no big deal… but then again… most of them live downstate where they believe wolves are more or less like Wylie Coyote… who seems pretty harmless-even with all his ACME products.

They claim the people need to vote on this… I would agree, if the only people allowed to vote were people in the areas the hunt is permitted.

If you live in an area without wolves, and think those who live where wolves are attacking pets and threatening people should not follow protocol developed by wildlife experts… not only do you not deserve a vote… you should have to spend a week in a tent in the affected areas to see if wolves are a problem or not.

wolf dog conflicts in Michigan

wolf dog conflicts in Michigan

Either that, or a few live trapped wolves should be shipped to your backyard… I think we should “Keep Michigan Pets & Kids Protected”

I am Dan Adamini and Please Log on and listen to a few of the songs about this all at, and join in the discussion Saturday morning at 9 on 101.9fm Sunny.FM

The details are on the site and are as follows:

  • The cost of a wolf hunting license is $100 for residents and $500 for nonresidents. In order to purchase a license, a hunter (10 years or older) is required to have either purchased a previous hunting license or taken a state-approved hunter safety education course.
  • Limited harvest of 43 wolves in three areas of the Upper Peninsula
  • The regulations create three Wolf Management Units (WMU):
  • WMU A in Gogebic County in the far western Upper Peninsula – target harvest of 16 wolves
  • WMU B in portions of Baraga, Houghton, Ontonagon and Gogebic counties – target harvest of 19 wolves
  • WMU C in portions of Luce and Mackinac counties – target harvest of 8 wolves.
  • 2013 wolf season will open Nov. 15 and will run until Dec. 31 or until the target harvest for each WMU is reached.
  • Bag limit is one wolf per person per year.
  • Firearm, crossbow and bow and arrow hunting will be allowed on public and private lands.
  • Hunters must report successful harvest over the phone on day of harvest. Once target harvest is met for a WMU, the entire unit will be closed for the season.
  • Licensed hunters are required to check daily by phone or online to determine whether any management units have been closed.
  • The 2013 Wolf Hunting Digest is available in an interactive PDF format here.

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