A Candidate For Congress Would Like To Unseat Our Congressman Dan Benishek

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Congressman Dan Benishek from Iron Mountain

Congressman Dan Benishek from Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain  –  November 6, 2017  –  Dan’s Daily Rant 11/6/2013  –  Candidate Jerry Cannon would like to unseat our congressman, Dan Benishek.  He was in Iron Mountain yesterday, to explain why he would be a better choice than Dr Dan to serve the 1st district.

Candidate Jerry Cannon says he’s frustrated with incumbent Dan Benishek’s record in Washington and the current issues there.

He disagrees with the “Sequester” which cut the rate of growth in government spending.

He disagrees with the government shutdown caused by democrat opposition to delaying Obamacare penalties on individuals (even though big business and some “friends of Barak” enjoy such a delay.

He also disagrees with Benishek’s view that the government should not spend more than it receives.  He is quotes as saying  “None of those are in the best interest of the country, of the state, and most importantly, this district.

He then said “there are countless things that our congressman has voted for that has not been in the best interest of the district or the people who live here.”

Jerry Cannon and Dan Benishek

Jerry Cannon and Dan Benishek

So he apparently opposes Benishek’s work to make veteran disability claims more efficient.

He apparently opposes efforts to open federal land to logging rather than let forests die on the stump.

He apparently opposes Benishek’s view that legislators who refuse to pass a budget should not be paid.

He opposes what most of us consider common sense…

So of course the liberals will support him… but can the gun controlist really vote for a guy named cannon?

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