Are All Democrats As Bad At Math As Scott Dianda Appears To Be?

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In the Right Mind With Dan Adamini

In the Right Mind With Dan Adamini

Marquette Township  –  November 7, 2013  –  Dan’s Daily Rant 11/7/2013  –   On Monday, I was sitting at home in Marquette Township reading and discovered Dianda unveiled the “Republican Tax-O-Meter” claiming that GOP tax shifts in Michigan “take money from the average citizen and give it to wealthy CEOs and corporations.”

This will be discussed in more detail on this week’s installment of my show “In The Right Mind” with Dan Adamini…

But some simple observations should get you thinking.  Scott Dianda’s claim that “Michigan’s low and middle income are paying for a handout to big corporations” is untrue now, as it was when he made those claims during his campaign.

Sadly, too many people willingly believe these false statements… that’s why they elected him in the first place.  But the claim is simply not true!

Scott Dianda of Upper Michigan

Scott Dianda of Upper Michigan

If the claim was true that the tax changes in 2012 cost the state $4.3 million dollars daily, tax revenue would be $1.5 billion less in 2012 than in 2011.

Yet tax revenue in 2012 was actually 439 million higher than in 2011.  Actual revenue was $1.2 million per day higher, not $4.3 million lower.  See the article here.

Does Dianda really think people are foolish enough to believe him?  Yes he does… and sadly , in many cases he is right.  Clearly not in his right mind… but then again… neither are most of his supporters.

Details on individual tax items coming soon! Let’s talk about it Saturday on Sunny.FM 101.9 at 9am on my show “In The Right Mind” with Dan Adamini

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