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We support our Veterans on Vetrans Day and everyday- Thank you!

We support our Veterans on Vetrans Day and everyday- Thank you!

Marquette  –  November 11, 2013  –  Dan’s Daily Rant 11/11/2013  –  Today is veterans day and we celebrate by giving government employees a 3-day weekend.  Yes, the day that originally commemorated the end of World War I, on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month has now become little more than another day off for some who have no love of history, or respect for those who wear the uniform of this great country.

Yes, I know very few people are alive who remember the first Armistice Day that took place in 1938… Heck… with the way history is taught in our public schools I wonder if anyone even remembers what armistice means.  In fact it wouldn’t shock me if students today think veterans day is a day to thank  the doctor who takes care of your cats & dogs.

The name was changed to “veterans day” after World War II and the Korean War, and since 1954 this has been a day intended to honor veterans of All Wars, and now is intended to honor all veterans… all who have served.  And how do we honor them?  Is it with parades? with school assemblies? With a moment of Silence?  No… we celebrate it with linen sales and a paid vacation day for non-essential government employees!

Most years I call local schools to see if they have any special programming planned for days like this or Presidents’ day or
September 11th.  I’ve stopped calling because the answer was always… “No we have no plans but some individual teachers may be doing something”.

PLEASE… take some time today so seek out a veteran or someone actively serving in the military and THANK them for their service.  If you are one of them I thank you.

And please… if you have students in school, ask them if they did anything special today to honor these important people, or this special day.
If they did, please let me know, so I can thank those schools or teachers for being a good example to the students they teach.

There are FAR TOO FEW of them, and I hope everyone, between now and Next veterans day will encourage their schools to start teaching what our students REALLY need to know.  Our history… Respect for those who fight for our rights, who protect us, those who deserve far more respect than we give them when we turn this day into just another long weekend.

There are places that offer free things to veterans as a way of saying thanks… and that is very appropriate… but no matter how you do it… make sure to DO take time to say THANKS.

By the way… an ”armistice” is a state of peace agreed to between opponents so they can discuss peace terms

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