Deer Camp Is Time With Friends And Is The Best Part Of Camp

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White Tail Bucks In Upper Peninsula

White Tail Bucks In Upper Peninsula

Marquette  –  November 13, 2013  – Dan’s Daily Rant 11/13/2013  –   Deer Season is almost here, and although I am not a hunter myself, I enjoy the spectacle and the excitement among those of you who do take part.

Many people I know have gone to camp for years, and the excitement hasn’t waned over the years.  Many of them don’t hunt any more… they just like the time out with the guys, taking naps, drinking, eating and doing the things they did when they were younger… for many of them, Deer camp has become BEER camp – and that’s OK…

Deer may be the reason for the gathering, but time with friends has always been the best part of camp – or so I’ve been told… My TWO friends are NOT hunters!

Although I’ve been here in the U.P. for decades, I grew up in the city, and I don’t hunt or fish… But I’m happy to eat them if somebody else gets them – I guess that makes me an honorary liberal!

Stay safe if you’re out there… and Good luck… hopefully the wolves have left a few good trophies out there for you…. And if you never leave the camp… that’s OK.. what happens at beer camp stays at beer camp!

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