I Wish The Marquette County Commissioners Had The Sense Of The Road Commission.

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Marquette County Road Commission

Marquette County Road Commission

Marquette  –  November 14, 2013  –  Dan’s Daily Rant 11/14/2013  –    Congratulations are in order to the Marquette County Road commission.

There are many reasons to congratulate the commission, but this particular pat on the back is because the commission stood by its decision to move forward with road improvements to 11 miles of road on the AAA and county road 510.

The county board has bowed to pressure from mine opponents who will stop at nothing to throw obstacles in front of the eagle mine. Up til now, the county board has been pretty supportive of the mine, but the unanimous vote of the county board to slow down the progress is nothing more than appeasement of those who have, and continue to pretend there are legitimate reasons to slow down.

The road commission was right when they said ample time was given for public comment, and (on top of that) they altered plans based on public comment.  Yet those whose comments were used, are still complaining that not enough time was given.

That just proves a point I’ve often made…The opponents are NOT honest in their opposition.  That should remind everyone of those who helped write the toughest mining regulations in the country, and then complained when it didn’t stop mining altogether.  More time will NOT appease these folks… and the road commission is right to move forward…

Don’t you also wish the county commissioners had the sense of the road commission?

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Road Alignment Triple A 510 Big Bay Marquette Michigan

Road Alignment Triple A 510 Big Bay Marquette Michigan

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