Obamacare Was Never Intended To Give Better Health Care To Anyone

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ObamaCare Causing Obama Duress Photo Courtesy AP News

Obamacare Causing Obama Duress Photo Courtesy AP News

Washington  –  November 15, 2013  – Dan’s Daily Rant 11/15/2013  –  The president yesterday sounded humble in his admission that his plan is a disaster.  Oh he didn’t use those words, of course.  He simply apologized for the problems in the plan.

The president up til now has simply blamed others  for every problem in the plan, and has defended it at every turn.  You can’t blame him for that… it has his name on it, and he’d prefer if people didn’t know he is responsible.

Unlike those who passed the bill, I believe he did read it, and is responsible for every flaw in the plan, and everything that makes the law horrible.

This is the path paved with good intentions – if indeed you believe his intentions were good in the first place – I do not.  This plan was never intended to give better health care to anyone… it was always a power grab to make sure no one could avoid the government control the left so desperately seeks.

I don’t believe the president is actually sorry about anything, except the fact that he got caught by those who have the ability to think for themselves.  Fortunately for him, his supporters are not in that group… and yes… they appear to be a majority.

Those of us who read the bill, knew of all these problems before they happened. Those who refused to read it, and supported it deserve what they get.  Those who read it and supported it need the lobotomy Then again, if they supported the plan, they probably already had one!


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