Please DO NOT Shop On Thanksgiving Day! Really?

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No Parking on Thanksgiving

No Parking on Thanksgiving. Really – stay home on this National Holiday!

Marquette TownshipNovember 26, 2013Dan’s Daily Rant 11/26/2013  –  Thanksgiving weekend is the unofficial beginning of the Christmas Shopping Season.

Actually, if you are a shopper, you know the Christmas decorations have been out for some time now.

I was not alarmed when (a few years ago) stores opened early at 6am to start the season off with a sleep deprived bang.  I  WAS frustrated last year, when so many stores opened at midnight, or earlier on Thanksgiving night.  This year, I’m absolutely appalled that stores are starting the shopping on thanksgiving evening.

It’s bad enough that there are people who willingly abandon their families to join the fray – pushing and shoving their way into the Christmas season, with No Christmas Spirit, but plenty of animosity.  Worse yet… employees who would prefer to be with their families are forced to work a national holiday.  That’s right, a national holiday… not a federal holiday that simply gives federal employees a long weekend.

Thanksgiving is supposed to help us focus on the many blessings we enjoy – even in the midst of troubles.  It has become something quite different.

Merchants will open next year at noon on thanksgiving day, and soon, the reason for the day will be lost completely.

Please DO NOT shop on thanksgiving day.  If enough people stay home, Merchants may allow employees to stay home next year. There will be plenty of time to shop on Friday.

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