The Numbers Don’t Lie! Thanksgiving Day Sales Did Not Boost Overall Spending This Holiday Weekend

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Overall holiday weekend sales were not boosted by the addition of Thanksgiving day shopping.

Marquette Township  –  December 2, 2013  –  Dan’s Daily Rant 12/2/2013  –  I complained a couple times last week about stores nationwide opening on Thanksgiving day.

Now the results are in. Although Thanksgiving day sales were very good, the sales on Friday and Saturday were disappointing. So the holiday weekend sales were much as expected.

Hopefully stores may decide next year that the extra cost of being open on the holidays exceeds the benefit the extra day brings — if any.

Just as retailers found in 1939, when Thanksgiving day was celebrated a week early to boost sales… sales did not actually increase. Revenue was simply spread over more days.

The spending people plan to do is done in time for Christmas, regardless of how many days there are between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I am amused by those who believe there are fewer shopping days this year. Apparently the math problem in the USA is worse than I thought. If anything, the season is getting longer each year, regardless of where Thanksgiving falls.

So I repeat what I said last week: Thanksgiving is too important a day to be forgotten — or lost — in the Christmas shuffle. The American Tradition of giving thanks to God on Thanksgiving is the perfect way to prepare for the greatest gift of all — which we celebrate in a few short weeks.

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