Detroit – A Long Decline Into Bankruptcy Of A City Under Democrat Rule

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Detroit anchors in bankrupsy

Detroit anchors in bankruptcy

Marquette Township  –  December 4, 2013  –  Dan’s Daily Rant  –  I’m definitely in the Christmas Spirit.  It’s snowing in Upper Michigan and I can no longer see my grass!

I know I’m in the minority but I LOVE the snow… that’s why I live up here.

You know who’s NOT happy? Pension recipients in the city of Detroit.  A judge yesterday ruled that the bankruptcy will go forward.

The long decline of the city under democrat rule is nearing the bottom of the valley, and will soon begin the long road back to solvency.  I do feel bad for those on the city pensions, who worked diligently for years (both of them)!

Still, I can’t help but feel to a degree that they are reaping what they have sown by electing leaders over the years who promised them what could never be delivered.

Yes, Detroit… Santa has left the building…and you are left holding the bag full of empty promises.  The union leaders’ whining about lost future dues sound like the Detroit “death rattle” through the empty neighborhoods of Detroit, but don’t fear…

As long as there are democrats in Detroit, there will always be a Santa Claus… but then again… Santa is not a good reference… Santa gives his own handiwork to others… Democrats generally give what OTHERS have created.

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Detroit buildings are aging

Detroit buildings are aging

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