National Guard 376 Years of Service

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natl guard logoMarquette, MiDecember  13, 2013: The National Guard has served and protected citizens since 1636.  Initially formed to protect the new residents of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, the National Guard still serves and protects us when needed.

The initial motivation and purpose for which it was formed still exists.  People who live in an area have a duty to each other.  A duty to defend and, when necessary, to fight.  The training of citizens to serve and protect is just as important now as it was then. Certainly the methods and the needs have changed a bit, but the overall purpose is still relevant.

Most of us know people who are involved in the National Guard.  They stay true to their motto “always ready, always there”.  If you see them today (or any day) thank them for their service.  If you are a member, Thank YOU!

– Dan Adamini-In The Right Mind

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