FBI Clears IRS in BO Abuse of TEA

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FBI clear IRS in BO abuse of TEA

FBI clear IRS in BO abuse of TEA

Marquette, Michigan  –  January 15  –  Obama Supporters See No Abuse by Obama’s IRS – Surprise!

There will be no charges against the IRS from the FBI for its abuse of conservative groups during the Obama re-election campaign. That should not surprise anyone since the person leading the “so-called” investigation was a big campaign supporter of Obama and the Democrat Party…. apparently “Obama-Girl” wasn’t available.

Some liberal leaning folks have said that both sides were targeted equally… a statement that is clearly untrue to anyone in their right mind. Of the 20 liberal groups applying for the same tax exempt status, 6 received extra scrutiny but were approved. Of the 292 conservative groups applying, all 292 received extra scrutiny and some still have not received approval.

 I’m not holding my breath waiting for an honorable liberal to appear, but I still hope someday to meet one. So far, all my democrat friends are among those who say both sides were treated the same… clearly they are NOT in their right mind.

Dan Adamini – In The Right Mind


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