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Candidate Alan Arcand

Candidate Alan Arcand

Marquette, MichiganJanuary 16, 2014 — Alan Arcand Challenges Benishek for Michigan’s 1st Congressional District

 Congressman Dan Benishek is facing competition from a fellow Republican for Michigan’s 1st Congressional Seat. Unlike Democrat Jerry Cannon who disagrees with Benishek’s view of responsible spending and personal responsibility, the Republican newcomer to the race seems to agree with all of Benishek’s positions.

 Alan Arcand is quoted as saying Benishek is not a good leader, lacks integrity, does not uphold the Constitution, and does not follow through on what he says. After hearing that, you would expect to hear disagreements with Benishek’s positions.

 Arcand dislikes Obamacare – as does Benishek. He believes bills passed should state the constitutional authority for the law – as does Benishek. He wants better benefits for veterans – like the ones Benishek has supported. He didn’t state any behavior or votes to support the personal attacks, but does have one major complaint about Congressman Benishek… While Benishek uses email and Facebook to keep constituents current, Arcand promises to use Twitter as well.

 So apparently, the main complaint about congressman Benishek is that he doesn’t speak in 140 characters or less. So… if you like Benishek’s positions but you prefer a congressman who tweets about where he’s having lunch, or what Nancy Pelosi is wearing today, you now have an option. If Mr. Arcand is running to offer an alternative to Benishek, I hope he offers more differences than tweets.

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  1. The only complaints I have of Benishek is, like all most all other legislators, he doesn’t read the bills before he votes on them!! Point at hand is the budget bill and the taking from the Veterans, which he had to back pedal and try to change it. The other is his Marquette people do not, again, do not get back to people with questions much like his website!! The only thing I ever got back from Benishek is a form letter not even anything to do with the questions I had!!! He is acting like Stupak when it comes to answering questions!!!! That’s before reading this about this guy, Alan Arcand. I foresee this not changing in Benishek’s camp!!! I thought he really cared and that is why I voted for him. He is acting like any other politician who looses their soul once they get to Washington!! Right now I cant back any politician who cant do his or her job and be knowledgeable on bills they are voting for and have people who are supposed to represent them and not return with answers with a simple phone call!!! Would you vote for someone doesn’t read bills put in front of them and and dosent respond to questions, simple questions?? Thank You!!

    Richard Huth Sr.
    January 16, 2014 at 9:52 am

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