State of State Improving Under Snyder & GOP

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Governor Rick Snyder State of the State Address

Governor Rick Snyder State of the State Address

Marquette, Mi  –  January 17, 2014 –   Snyder’s Glass 1/2 Full.. Dems Say GOP Stole Our Glass!

As Governor Snyder cited improvements in Michigan over the past 3 years, Democrats continue to say we are heading in the wrong direction. That is quite understandable if you remember that democrat control in Michigan had only one direction – downward. If the only direction you know is down, it is easy to understand why Democrat Leader Tim Griemel thinks Michigan’s upward trend is the wrong direction.

When Michigan dems unveiled their GOP Tax-o-meter I theorized that being bad at math was a requirement if you want to run as a democrat… Representative Griemel’s statements support my theory.  He equates the 221,000 new private sector jobs cited by Snyder as NO new jobs. Perhaps it’s that private sector part that confuses him. That still doesn’t explain how a $660 per pupil increase in school funding is a “CUT” in his mind.

Griemel is right about one thing he said last night… Snyder and the republicans DO promise more of the same… more income, more jobs, more economic growth, more financial stability. The past 3 years have seen Michigan move from #50 to #7 in economic growth and a wealth of other improvements.

Those their right mind would like to stay on that course… Others think it’s time for a hard left turn… Who votes for these guys?

Dan Adamini – In The Right Mind


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