MEA Teachers Can Fix Their Union – Will They?

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Dan Adamini - In The Right Mind - Featured - Rant

Dan Adamini – In The Right Mind – Featured – Rant

Marquette, Michigan  –  January 20, 2014  –  MEA Teachers should Withhold Dues to pressure Union Leaders

The Michigan Education Association will not change until its members force them to.  That seems true enough, but do they think the union needs fixing?  I sure hope so.  The Teacher’s Union in Michigan appears to be supporting a convicted child molester by seeking severance pay the district refuses to pay the pedophile rapist.

If you’re in your right mind, you have to ask yourself, “why would the union do this?”  That is the question I asked the union last week and, for some reason, they will not answer.  Since answering would take the heat off, there is only one logical reason they are not responding — there is no good answer.  Rank and File teachers have elected poor representatives, but only the members can solve the problem.  I hope they consider union leadership supporting a pedophile rapist teacher-predator  a bad thing. I can remember when unions defended GOOD people, and their mission was to make sure those good members were treated fairly.  Over the past few years, the reputation is one of defending the WORST – no matter what – to keep the dues flowing in.  This behavior reflects poorly on the many good people within ALL unions.

If indeed the members are the good people we consider them to be, they need to remove their leaders – or at least make them listen.  Withholding their dues is the most logical method.  Let’s hope they take action. The parody song “Devil in the MEA” sends a pretty clear message… let’s hope people listen. Dan Adamini – In The Right Mind  

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