Pope Dove Release ends with Attack by Liberal Scavengers

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Pope releases doves

Pope releases doves

Marquette, MichiganJanuary 27, 2014 – Doves released by Pope Francis yesterday were attacked by a seagull and a crow in Vatican Square.  This immediately made me think of a life correlation that will surely make the liberals angry – which is always good fun.

The doves were released to symbolize peace… but the scavengers were looking for a free meal, and they didn’t care that they were disrupting an important ceremony.  Fortunately all the doves lost were a few feathers (as far as we know).  But how does this become a political analogy?  the seagull and crow spend their life looking for the scraps left behind by the work of others (much like today’s modern liberal)… and when a positive message was being made, the scavengers disrupted the event, bullied the guests of honor, and probably made a mess that needed to be cleaned up by someone else (much like today’s liberal on a college campus).

I know how the doves feel (as do many conservatives).  Conservative messages of equality, and opportunity are often met with attacks by weak minds on the left (verbal & physical) – yet we simply go on… usually with with a few ruffled feathers.

Dan Adamini – In The Right Mind


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