Suicide Ski Jump – A Great Night for All

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2014 Ishpeming Ski Club Ski Jumping Tournament MichiganMarquette, MIFebruary 4, 2014 – I Love Winter in the U.P.

Sadly, too many people (I used to be one of those) choose NOT to take part in the many great activities available to us here in Upper Michigan.  Fortunately you can be part of the event without direct participation.  I’m too big a sissy to try jumping (even off of the smaller jumps)… but being part of the audience still makes you a participant!

I call this the BEST spectator sport for families & friends.  You can sit or stand and visit, barbeque, snack & chat… and the announcer tells you when to look up, and you get to see someone do something crazy…. slide down a jump… fly through the air, and land a few seconds later… and amazingly enough… stop safely.  Then you go back to chatting for a few minutes and repeat.

go to for more information… but PLEASE… be part of the fun this and every year.  We are lucky to live here, and this is one of many reasons.  I even wrote a ski jumping song about it.

Dan Adamini – In The Right Mind

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