Spinning No Jobs into a Positive?

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Jay Carney

Jay Carney

Marquette, MIFebruary5, 2014 – White House Spin Makes People Say Hmmm!

A report by the congressional budget office estimates that one effect of Obamacare is that there will be millions of fewer jobs because of the law.  Normally, you would expect to hear White House Spokesman Jay Carney refute the statements… but many of us are not surprised and predicted this would happen.  Rather than refute the report, the new SPIN is “It’s a good thing there will be fewer jobs“.  The odd logic behind this statement… Many people are working because they need the money and benefits that come with a full-time job (Big Surprise There).  Now that Obamacare is available people can choose not to work, and follow their dreams whithout having to worry about financial matters.

The statement itself is bothersome, but the fact that so many people agree is worse.  If you had said something like this 10 years ago, people would have laughed you off the stage… but now there are people defending that view.  So what do you think?  Is it a GOOD THING that there are fewer jobs but people can have cheap lousy health insurance (or expensive lousy health insurance)?  Or would it be better if there were more jobs and people could shop for health insurance that fit their needs and budget?

You may want to revisit the song “Obamacare Worse”

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