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Marquette, MiFebruary 6, 2014 – Drones becoming a Useful Capitalist Tool

Research is a great thing, and especially useful when properly motivated.  The best motivation has always been personal gain, and that is why capitalism has helped more people find a better life than any other system of economics.  Drones have now entered that honored company of products developed for military use that now have many practical private sector uses.

although they will still be useful for keeping an eye on your ex-girlfriend or anyone else you don’t like… they are finding many uses in normal life.  As soon as the FAA changes aviation rules to allow it… drones may be used to inspect gravel roads, so people don’t have to wait for complaints about roads to find the trouble.  I’m sure some will complain about jobs being taken from people to use robots… but I’m more interested in the fact that the FAA prohibits the use of an expensive toy in the first place.

Technology outpaces many of our laws… and eventually the laws will catch up… but I am always impressed when someone finds a new use for an existing tool… clever people make life better for all of us.  Kudos to the folks at Michigan Tech.

Dan Adamini – In the Right Mind

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