Leno Gone – Olympics On

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Jay Leno Retires. Again.

Marquette, MI Febrauary 7, 2014 – I’m going to miss Jay Leno.

Being an Old Guy… I remember Johnny Carson leaving the tonight show (heck I even remember the show being broadcast from New York).  Carson was a class act, and generally a very likeable guy.  Leno is also a very likeable guy and that probably has a lot to do with his popularity.  He picked on people in a generally fun lighthearted way, so even the targets of his jokes were willing to come on his show.  I’ve said many times that we shouldn’t hate people we disagree with, and the popularity of people like Carson & Leno (and others) is partiallly due to the fact that they could be funny without being nasty.  That is becoming more rare – but not extinct.  I hope Fallon continues the tradition.

To soften the loss of Leno…the olympics began last night (a day before the opening ceremony)!  I love the Olympics, and I don’t expect I’ll be getting much exercise over the next two weeks.  I’ll watch others do what I should be doing (I guess that makes me an honorary liberal).  Security scares have many people staying home, and the main audience seems to be the press.  This reminds me of our invasion of Somalia where there were more camara-men on the beach than Somalis.  At any rate… watch the olymics… and when it’s over … join me and get your butt off the couch.

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