Olympics Wearing Me Out!

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olympics 2014

Olympics 2014

Marquette, Mi  – February 10, 2014 – I’m not even competing the the Olympics have me worn out!

I can’t blame it on the Russians because the time difference it isn’t their fault.  Even if the event was on eastern time, I’d still be up early and late because I love the event.  Most impressive so far (in my opinion) has been the slope style snowboarding.  The jumps are enough to make even the bravest among us a little weak in the knees.  Understandably so- if you saw the fall yesterday the cracked the rider’s helmet in two.

Two interesting issues we discussed this morning on the air… the fact that athletes are representing countries where they neither live nor hold citizenship… and the tax the athletes have to pay for the medals they earn.  Perhaps the only beneficial thing to come out of Obamanomics is that athletes may choose to move to other countries, and those countries will earn some great athletes.


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