Gun Controlistas don’t like “No Guns Allowed” sign?

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gun free zone

gun free zone

Marquette, MIFebruary 11, 2014 – Gun Control gone Wild!

Administrators at a Tinley Park School don’t like the “No Guns Allowed” sign they are being forced to display.  At first reading, you would think “Hey this person gets it… ‘Gun Free Zones’ are actually ‘No Survivor Zones’ because the only people allowed to have guns are those who are willing to break the law.  But that is not the motive for disapproval of the signs.  The administrators in question are very much in favor of the ban… they don’t like the picture of a gun with the red circle & slash over it- because it has a picture of a gun.

These “nutty” people are afraid people may mis-understand the sign.  What’s to misundertand?  Everyone in their right mind knows the red circle & slash means “NO”.  If the administrators are correct about their students & teachers – they make a good argument against Public Schools… at least against Public School Administrators!  That reminds me of the old joke… those who can… do.  Those who can’t… teach.  Those who can’t teach… become administrators.

Dan Adamini – In the Right Mind

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