Happy “Saint” Valentine’s Day

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Marquette, MI – February 14, 2014 – Celebrating Romantic Love

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day

 Celebrated around the world (in varying ways) the Feast of Saint Valentine began as a liturgical (church) celebration remembering St. Valentine, who was killed by the romans for performing marriage ceremonies on behalf of soldiers who were not supposed to marry.  It makes sense that romantic love is attributed to him.  Worldwide celebrations are very similar with the giving of flowers, chocolates and greeting cards (which began in the 18th century in Europe.  I guess some traditions do survive! I was interested to see that in China, women give men chocolate on this day, yet in Japan Men give chocolate to women.  Most interesting to me is South Korea where men give women chocolate on 2/14… women give men non-chocolate candy on 3/14… and if you didn’t get anything in February or March, on 4/14 you go to a restaurant and eat black noodles to mourn being single.  doesn’t sound like a FUN singles bar like we have here in the good old USA.  I’m not sure what the alternative lifestyle folks are supposed to do with that one!

 I was interested to find that personal greeting cards gave way to mass produced cards in the 1800’s.  However you celebrate, make sure you do something for that special someone today.  Flowers… Chocolate… Cards… they all work just fine.  There’s no need to be creative… just grateful for those who mean the most to you.Dan Adamini – In the Right Mind

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