Fallon makes his debut

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Jimmy Falon

Jimmy Fallon

Marquette, MI February 18, 2014 – Jimmy Fallon Takes Over “Tonight”

No controversy today (unless you’re a huge Letterman fan)  Just noting the beginning of a new era in late night TV.  I’m old enough to remember Johnny Carson (even when the show was based in New York), but many people only know Jay Leno as host of the tonight show.  Fallon will bring a new feel to the show, and my guess is, we’ll see more of the skits like Carson used to do with his “Mighty Carson Art Players”.

When Leno took over many people hated the show… partly because we generally don’t like change.  But they came back, and watched for over 20 years.  Fallon is a real talent, and I like him because he (like me) writes parody songs about topics he wants to make fun of.

Who knows… “Late Night in Upper Michigan”?  No… probably not!

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